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March 21, 2023 Release Digest

AUTHOR: The Inova team

Delivery time: Tuesday, March 21, 2023, 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. CET.
Impact: During this maintenance window, the applications will be briefly unavailable.

Version 3.4.0

What's New


Accelerate your opportunity review process with standardized evaluation templates and enhanced collaboration functionalities.

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Activity Stream

Activity stream is now available for Contacts. We're making the following information available:

  • When the contact was associated with a company, with the link to the company profile (and with the job title if available). This event is now also tracked in the Company activity stream.

  • When the contact was linked to an opportunity, with the link to this opportunity (and with the role if available).┬áThis event is now also tracked in the Opportunity activity stream.

  • Past and future meetings the contact attended or will attend.

Events Integration

We added the possibility to select the meetings you want to import depending on their status: Accepted and scheduled, Canceled, or Declined.

Opportunity Workflow

The date of transitions between stages in workflows can now be updated to reflect the reality of the work done by you and your team. You must be a Manager with a Business Admin role to perform this action.

It's now possible to delete full workflow templates and stages within a workflow template (if they're not already used in existing opportunities in both cases). Please send a request to your Inova CSM to perform those actions.

Discover Integration

Once IN-PART put you in touch with the potential partner via email, your account manager will set the Connection status of the opportunity as Connected, the contact will be created and linked to the opportunity created in Inova Next Generation, and the contact name and email will appear under the connection status.

What's Enhanced

Opportunities Collapsible Sections

To make the navigation between opportunities more consistent, the sections that you collapsed in one opportunity will also be collapsed in all the other opportunities after that. The same applies oppositely when you open a collapsible section. This behavior applies to the Qualification section and the Discover campaign section, available in the header of the opportunity overviews.

Meeting Cards

Long opportunity or company names are now fully displayed on meeting cards, instead of being cut at the end.

Opportunity Priority and Confidence Levels

In the main list of opportunities, the values of the Confidence and Priority columns, which were previously ordered alphabetically (High, Low, Medium, Very High, Very Low), are now ordered depending on the order set in the Administration page. This will allow a more logical display such as Very High, High, Medium, Low, Very Low.

Display Order of Recently Viewed Initiatives

The Recently viewed initiatives that were previously ordered alphabetically (like in the All and My initiatives views) are now displayed by the date they were last opened, the most recent ones first.

Confirmation Messages

We improved the wording of the messages that confirm actions such as opportunity creation, update, deletion, etc, for a better understanding.

Connection to Inova Classic (only for users connected to Inova Classic)

In the company profiles, we're adding a View in Classic button to open the company profile in Inova Classic.

In the opportunity overviews, we renamed the following buttons or message:

  • Create confidential evaluation is now Push to Classic.

  • View confidential evaluation is now View in Classic.

  • The loading text while pushing the opportunity from Inova Next Generation to Inova Classic Creating confidential evaluation in Inova is now Pushing opportunity to Classic.

Loading Page Message

When you log in to Inova Next Generation, refresh the application in your browser, or open a page in a new internet tab (Administration and Account pages), new loading message is displayed, instead of a blank page.

Opportunities Filters for Users Connected to Inova Classic

We replaced the Types filter with a Stages filter to better fit the three-step workflow available for users connected to Inova Classic. So now, you can directly filter opportunities by their stages: Identification, Pre-CDA Review, and Accepted.

What's Fixed

Opportunity Status Update

You can now click both the radio button or the text to select another opportunity status (Active, On-hold, Declined, Closed).

Opportunity List Display in Initiatives

We fixed a display issue where opportunity titles were disappearing in initiatives.

Events Integration

We fixed an import issue where attendees not registered in One-on-One Partnering, but attending the meeting (Non-listed participants) weren't created as contacts in Inova Next Generation. These attendees with no last name in One-on-One Partnering will be imported with a N/A value in the Last name field.

In the Integrations tab of the Administration page, we changed the connection status (Last update) from Failed to Updating... when a conference import takes some time because of a high number of meetings.

List Values

We fixed an issue that prevented managing some lists of values on the Administration page.

Attached Emails Display

We fixed a display issue on the filters applying to the attached emails.

Version 1.40.0

What's Fixed

We fixed a minor message with no impact on users.

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