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Inova Classic

Inova Classic 8.34.0 Release

AUTHOR: The Inova team

Release date: UAT - April 5, 2022 / Production - April 19, 2022

What's new

Lister Count Button

The Count button that you can find on the top-right end of most of the modules of the platform (such as Companies, Assets, Opportunities...) is now deactivated by default. Instead, you can see directly the total count of the values on the page. This Count button was meant to improve page loading time, the total count on listers being displayed only when clicking on it. In case of performance issues related to page loading time, the Count button can be activated on demand.

What's fixed

Re-assignation of Users

When reassigning a milestone, an activity, or a project to another user, the email notification received by the former owner was incorrectly addressed to the new owner. All project notifications are now fixed and sent to the right owner.

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